Everyone knows my dad's name

Everyone knows my dad's name and greets him, in my opinion, this makes him feel special. The maintenance gentlemen stops in just to see if needs anything. I can go to bed, go on vacation, work through my day and know people are being kind to him, he is eating fabulously, he has scheduled and unscheduled events, he is not alone.

Special shout out to Laurie- I appreciate you!

- Sherry Boedecker

Taken Care of with dignity

My sister has been a part of the Reflections Memory Care Neighborhood for five years. I know that she is set in her ways, but I know she has been taken care of with dignity. I never worried about her as I knew she was treated with respect and compassion. Thank you to all the caregivers in the Reflection's Neighborhood!

- Gloria Nelson

Extremely happy with the services my mother receives in Shorewood Reflections Memory Care Neighborhood

I am extremely happy with the services my mother receives in Shorewood Reflections Memory Care Neighborhood. The Program Director is caring, knowledgeable, and watchful. She knows each of the residents, their backgrounds, likes, and dislikes. She has a wonderful sense of humor and is always looking for others who can come into the neighborhood to share interesting and stimulating things with the residents. The care from Comfort Home Health staff is kind, caring and work with me when issues of care arise.

- Carolyn Jensen

Round-the-clock-care was reassuring for our family

My mom lived in the Reflection's Memory Care Neighborhood for four years. I found the staff to be extremely caring and patient with her. Her apartment allowed her to be somewhat independent, but the round-the-clock care was reassuring for our family. Having a "neighborhood" with their own kitchen and living room allowed socialization that was good for her. We felt mom was in the best possible situation for her circumstances and it was a good fit for her.

- Denise

Recommend to anyone that is ready

The amenities are unending and I recommend Shorewood to anyone that is ready to make, probably, their last move and to really enjoy the later years.

- Connie Engle

The Club is like having a personal pool

The Club is like having a personal pool (91 degrees), the exercise equipment is state-of-the-art; again, like having a personal gym. Classes are also fun!

- Connie E.

Because of The Club at Shorewood and Cascade Lake & Park

I chose to move to Shorewood because of The Club at Shorewood and Cascade Lake & Park out my window.

- Wayne L.

Shorewood is a home

Shorewood is a home in which we live any way we choose. We can form new, lasting relationships, participate in card games, social events or workouts; or we can take time out from the bustle of activity in our spacious apartments, spending time as we wish.

- Diane T.

Living At Its Best

People ask, is living good at Shorewood?

Because this is where I live,

My answer is in the affirmative,

It's always nice to be

Where there is security;

With the push of a button,

24 hours a day,

Help is on the way.

Just think...

No snow to blow,

no grass to mow,

With a weekly visit

From Housekeeping

Someone comes to do

My cleaning and sweeping.

This is living at its best,

Someone else does all the rest.

Again you ask, is living good?

It certainley is,

At Shorewood...

- Leland Bierbaum 7-26-2017

The Club at Shorewood weighed heavily in my decision

I moved from my "Green Acres" with great trepidation. The friendly, helpful staff at Shorewood Campus made the transition easy and pleasant. Initially it was The "Club," our new fitness center and pool that weighed heavily in my decision.  I love the camaraderie here too. -Hilde 

It Would Be The Staff

I would be hard pressed to list the many things that make Shorewood Senior Campus a great place to live. However, if I had to narrow it down to one thing it would definitely be the fine staff: an administrative staff that keeps us informed of changes and new developments, invites input and listens; a front desk staff that knows our names, greets us with smiles and never seems to tire of answering questions that they've probably been asked hundreds of times; a maintenance and housekeeping staff that maintains a clean and safe environment for residents and guests; a food service staff that truly knows the meaning of healthy AND delicious; a programming/life enrichment staff that goes way above and beyond to design activities that foster both enjoyment and learning. I feel that the Shorewood staff really cares for me: body, mind, and soul. Thank you! - Marie M.

Continuum of Care Gives Great Peace of Mind!

Shorewood's continuum of care gives great peace of mind. I feel very comfortabe and very safe here.  I'm also very happy that Shorewood accepts cats! - Peggy

Shorewood Keeps Me Active Both Mentally and Physically

The many activities at Shorewood keeps me active both mentally and physically.  Living at Shorewood I don't miss worrying about who is going to do the yard care! - Irene J.

Our First Choice in Selecting a Senior Community!

Shorewood was our first choice in selecting a senior community to live in. My husband and I lived in a very nice apartment at Shorewood Commons Assisted Living for 2 1/2 years until his passing.  I then moved to Shorewood Place Independent Living, which has been a real blessing to me. I enjoy the fellowshop of new friends, very helpful and kind staff, excellent meals, exercise at the new health and wellness center called The Club at Shorewood, convenience of the bus services, and the many activities. I would highly recommend Shorewood to be the best place to live! -Joyce P.

Recommend Shorewood to Anyone

Having been residents of Shorewood for 2 1/2 years, we continue to enjoy the various educational programs, musical performances, and the shuttle transportation available each week. The staff is always responsive to our requests or questions, and we enjoy visiting with our fellow residents each day. We can recommend Shorewood to anyone interested in a senior community. - Larry & Sue A.

Ideal Place for Seniors

Shorewood is the ideal place for seniors to live. We have a Bistro that serves excellent food at breakfast and lunch, Tuesday through Saturday with some special dinners on Saturdays. The regular meals have a nice variety and are served restaurant style. Plans for outings are thoughtful and fun. The staff is attentive, respectful, and caring.

- Inge and Emilio Lolacono, Residents

A Great Place to Live

Shorewood Place is a great place to live for fun, food, & family!

- Wanda Espeset, Resident

Welcomed With a Smile

I was living in Denver, Colorado when my daughter toured Shorewood. She said she thought I would like living here. I trusted her opinion and arranged to live here. I moved here with all the anxiety and concerns that come with change, but the staff and residence welcomed me with a smile. They made me feel welcomed, comfortable and accepted. Here at Shorewood, the grounds, buildings, and apartments are clean, well kept and comfortable. We have plenty of on and off campus activities and entertainment. Transportation is available just about everywhere. The meals are great (I just love the chef). We even have heated garage parking! You can't please the people all the time, but Shorewood is making a great effort. It's a pleasure to call Shorewood Senior Campus home.

- Marva S. Jackson, Resident

Fun Events, No Worries!

Many of us have faced the emotional heartache of losing a parent. When that happens, so many new questions and decisions arise. Will mom or dad be able to take care of their home alone now, will they be safe or will they be lonely? These are just a few of the issues that concern adult children. Since my mother chose to move to Shorewood, our family has been thrilled how each concern has been relieved! She worked so hard taking care of my father the last years of his life and now it is her turn to relax and be taken care of. Every snowstorm, we know she has her car tucked in a heated garage and doesn't have to worry about who will shovel her out. The maintenance of her lovely spacious apartment is completely taken care of, right down to hanging a picture if she needs it done. Her neighbors have embraced her and even look out for each other. My mother is always sharing with us about the fun events she attends! A themed gala for each holiday, picnics, music, coffee and cookies, movies, a shuttle to get groceries, go to doctor appointments or shopping center, dinner in the dining room when she chooses and she even attends a small group, just to name a few activities offered!! No worries about her being bored! With the security building we always feel she is safe, which is so important to us. When I come for a few days visit, I am comfortable and pleasantly reassured each time that my mother's every need is being met at Shorewood.

- Virginia Campbell, Resident Family Member

Gracious and Caring

Recent weeks have reminded me again of the most important reason I am so happy to be living in Rochester's number one senior community--those who live and work here. Since my fall I have been reluctant to show my battered face in public. When I felt able to do so a week after the accident, everyone was so gracious and caring to me that I knew again that Shorewood is my home and those who live here are members of my wonderful family. We are a varied group of people who realize that the feeling of family is real. We look, speak, believe, and react to things in a variety of ways. Yet, somehow, we have bonded together to enjoy our lives together for as long as we are together.

- Diane Tenhoff, Shorewood Senior Campus Resident

Glad I Listened

I am glad I listened to my kids years ago and made the move to Shorewood Senior Campus.

- Bob Onkka, Shorewood Senior Campus Resident

Shorewood is All Heart

Home is where the heart is. Shorewood is all heart.

- Virginia Hinzman, Shorewood Senior Campus Resident

Highly Recommended

As one of the seniors at Shorewood, I highly recommend this senior campus. I have been here going on 7 years and love it! Try it, you will like it!

- Dale Laun, Shorewood Senior Campus Resident