Shorewood Hosts Retired Nurses and Doctors Luncheon

Aug 4th, 2017

On July 24th, Shorewood Senior Campus hosted their second luncheon in a series for retirees. The gathering included more than 20 retired nurses and doctors who shared their years of service and area of specialty. All together we had over 750 years of experience in one room!




Delores Holland’s 30 years of service started at the Kahler – one of the hospitals in Rochester located near Mayo Clinic. The Kahler later became Rochester Methodist Hospital. Delores shared a few of her mementos with everyone including her name badge and a small nurse’s hat the size of a charm for a bracelet.Nurse_Doctor_3.jpg


Vicki De Boer studied nursing at St. Mary’s. She was an ICU nurse for 33 years.


Maxine Kalmes went to the Kahler School of Nursing and graduated in 1950. She was a nurse at Assisi Heights Health Center for about 30 years.


Margaret Gray graduated from St. Mary’s School of Nursing in 1950. She worked in hospitals and doctor’s offices before taking time off to raise children. She retired with 21 years of nursing experience.


Dr. Jack Rand was a general practitioner for 40 years. He began studying medicine after his stint in the armed forces. “I enjoyed being a doctor very much,” Dr. Rand said, “I made house calls and delivered many babies.”


Riki Jursik took advantage of a government subsidized program for nurses because there was a shortage of nurses. She worked in a children’s hospital in Boston. She retired with 10 years of service.


Dr. Marie Maher has her Ph.D. in Psychology. She graduated from the University of Iowa and worked for 40 years as a psychologist, counselor and a professor of psychology.




Rachel Garber studied at the St. Mary’s School of Nursing. She retired after 50 years as a nurse.

Dr. Jim Garber obtained two bachelor’s degrees, three master’s degrees, and two doctoral degrees. He completed his residency at Mayo Clinic in Internal Medicine. He also worked in addiction medicine and was a physician for the Guest House. Dr. Garber practiced for 55 years.


Mary Jane Deering started her career as a stay-at-home mom. She went back to school at age 40 to become an LPN. She started working at St. Mary’s in the Pediatric Ward. She later when on to become an RN and met her dear friend, Pat Lowrie while studying for her degree. She retired after 22 years.


Pat Lowrie worked at Methodist Hospital and spent 50 years in Obstetrics.

Doris Toddie received her degree in nursing and began her career as a head nurse. She later when on to Vanderbilt University to study public health. She moved to Rochester and worked as a community service nurse. She retired after 40 years.


Ruth Lincoln studied science and nursing at the University of Iowa. She began teaching at Michigan State University and later received her Master’s in Education. Ruth went on to receive her Master’s in Gerontology and Dementia. She was a clinical specialist and worked in Los Angeles, Portland, and the Bay Area. Her career spanned 40 years.


Ialee Sikkink went to the Kahler School of Nursing and graduated in 1950. Ialee worked on the private floor for VIPs. She cared for the original Lone Ranger and Marie McDonald, one of the most popular pin-up girls of the 1940s. She retired after 20 years.


Hal Byrne was orphaned as a sophomore in high school and later enlisted in the Air Force. He oversaw the medical surgery ward. He later studied dentistry at the University of Oregon and practiced dentistry for about 20 years.


Janice Young graduated from Franklin Hospital in Nursing and worked for 23 years as an LPN. She did private duty for 11 years, was a charge nurse at Madonna Towers. Her career ended after 30 years as a nurse.


Monica Utz started as a nurse in Canada. Because of the overwhelming amount of patients she cared for, she went to Detroit and met her husband Phil and moved to Texas. She was a nurse for 34 years that included 20 years as a neuro specialist.


Dr. Phillip Utz was born and raised in Rochester. There has been a member of the Utz family working at Mayo Clinic continuously over the last hundred years. Dr. Utz studied at Notre Dame and went to Michigan for Medical School. He was in family practice for several years in Wisconsin and later joined the Franciscan Health System that is now part of Mayo Clinic. He retired after 40 years.


Mary Kostner graduated from St. Catherine’s and began her career as a teacher. She married and remained teaching part-time. She went on to become a nurse and retired after 20 years.


Audrey Gillard received her associate’s degree in nursing. She worked for 20 years in the ICU.

Margaret Gillard graduated from St. Catharine’s. She worked at St. Mary’s in rehab, and assisted with patients afflicted with the iron lung. Margaret also worked at a nursing home, in public health for Dodge County as well as a Mayo Clinic Hospice Coordinator. She spent 30 years helping others as a medical professional.


Mary Gillard received her LPN degree in 1949. There were 10 in her graduating class. She worked in a nursing home for three years and as a school nurse in West Salem, Wisconsin. She worked in nursing for a little over 14 years.


Darlene Gillard went to St. Catherine’s. She began her career in obstetrics at Olmsted Medical and later ended up in geriatrics, orthopedics and home care. She was a manager in assisted living at the Charter House. Her career as a nurse spanned 35 years.


Vernita Maley married and had children right out of high school. She went back to school at age 35 to become an LPN. Three years later she became an RN. She worked at St. Mary’s for more than 22 years. She also worked in long-term care facilities and surgical trauma. She retired after 30 years.

By Nicole L. Czarnomski