RCTC LIFE Series Presents: The Summer Night Sky by Larry Mascotti

Jun 29th, 2015

RCTC LIFE Series Presents: The Summer Night Sky with Larry Mascotti Monday, June 29, 20152:00 pm @ Shorewood Place Dining Room Arthur: It's all closing in on me. What can I do?Merlyn: Seek knowledge, Wart! Read-ponder-think-question-wonder-dream. Study sciences and languages, mathematics and alchemy, battlements and art. Take a season on politics and a lifetime on the forest creatures, chivalry, and grammar. Then when that is done, spend a month on games, a decade on cryptology, a generation on geography, a score and five on poetry, a century on mythology-and a millennium on the STARS!These words, by author T.H. White in "The Once and Future King," are the advice the sage Merlyn uses to console the young King Arthur. Indeed the requirements of a full-bodied life are many. Merlyn is so right. There is no doubt that an enriched human experience demands an acquaintance with the starry night sky. This presentation will help you continue your journey to a full life as prescribed by Merlyn! Larry Mascotti has been an astronomy educator for thirty-six years and recently retired as the directo fo the Mayo High School Planetarium. For nearly as long as he can remember, he has been a student of the universe.