Oct 26th, 2018

Meet & Greet

We will have a meet & greet with Ward 2 council member, Michael Wojcik. Discuss all things Rochester including the upcoming elections. Michael is not a candidate but is always happy to answer your questions. ...

Oct 8th, 2018

RCTC Presents: Cuba

A history, and photo journal of Cuba, based on a trip there in January 2013. Starting just before the Fidel Castro's revolution, we will journey through modern Cuban history and see where it has let to today.


Oct 1st, 2018

All about the Flu Vaccine

This will be a short presentation about the influenza vaccine and cover basics on how the disease is spread, what happens when you get infected, how the flu shot works and why vaccination is more important as we age...

Sep 25th, 2018

The Old West in Song & Story

There was a day when the West was wild, a place where outlaws could escape the long arm of the law, where settlers plowed and fenced homesteads and where cowboys sang on cattle drives. Characters like Wild Bill...

Sep 20th, 2018

Quarry Hill: Monarch Magic

A favorite summertime creature for many, the monarch butterfly has a fascinating life story. A naturalist will share this tale using slides and potentially some live butterfly examples. 

Thursday, September 20...

Sep 14th, 2018

Medicare Updates

Cost plans are coming to an end and will affect 380,000 Minnesota seniors. Drug plans are changing and the coverage gap is closing. Seniors will have more choices of plans, additional benefits and extended enrollment...

Sep 9th, 2018

Kairos Alive! Tent Dance

Some of you will remember how much fun we had last year with movement and music designed with walkers, wheelchairs and...

Aug 21st, 2018

Music w/Colby Tushaus

We are welcoming Colby to Shorewood for the first time! Colby began learning the guitar while living in Guadalajara Mexico in 1993. Join us as Colby shares his passion for guitar through the sounds of country, folk,...

Jul 25th, 2018

1936 Berlin Olympics: The Nazi Games

The 1936 Olympic Games held in Berlin are notorious for the tightly controlled image the Nazis presented to the world, but these games also became a blueprint for future games that are followed to the present day. We...

Jul 20th, 2018

Protecting Yourself from Online Scams: Internet Safety for Seniors

More than 3 billion people worldwide use the Internet, according to Time Inc. Although most people surf the web for business purposes or...