Aug 15th, 2016

Falls Prevention Presentation

Lorie Copeman, an occupational therapist from Aegis Therapies, will be here to talk about environmental problems that can cause falls. She will also talk about walker use and safety and body mechanics with reaching...

Aug 12th, 2016

Music w/Michael Gruber

Michael Gruber will be entertaining us with his guitar along with songs in many styles from the past eras. You are welcome to sing-along or just listen. 

Shorewood Place - Lakeside Lounge @ 2:00pm

Aug 8th, 2016

Scams and Fraud Presentation

Darrel Hildebrandt, a crime-prevention specialist with the Rochester Police Department, will be back to discuss old and new scams and frauds. You don't want to miss this informative presentation.


Aug 4th, 2016

Student Piano Recital

Teresa Tolmie from Tolmie Piano will be back with a group of her students to perform a variety of pieces for us. Please come and welcome them back to Shorewood. 

Shorewood Place - Lakeside Lounge @ 2:00pm

Jul 21st, 2016

Quarry Hill: Creepy Crawlies

Bugs, spiders and other creepy crawlies need understanding and love too! A naturalist will use live hissing cockroaches, a giant African millipede, a tarantula and props to teach about these creatures that so many of...

Jul 18th, 2016

Dale Blanshan Presents: Norman Rockwell & Patriotism

This program combines selections from Rockwell paintings about soldiers and the American spirit with patriotic music that has stirred our hearts through the course of our 200 year history. Music for the Army, Navy,...

Jul 15th, 2016

Senior Center: 125 Life Presentation

The Rochester Sennior Center is building a new facility which will allow them to further the mission of support for older adults. Come to the presentation to hear about the expanded programming and offerings the new...

Jul 14th, 2016

Rochester's Favorite Senior Living Community

Your Vote Counts! 

Shorewood Senior Campus is in the running to win Rochester's 2016 Favorite Senior Living Community! We were extremely proud to win the Readers Choice award for 2014 & 2015. We...

Jul 11th, 2016

RCTC Presents: Women of Mayo Clinic

Many people know the story of the Mayo brothers and their father, but many people do not know about the intelligent, resilient women who were also involved in the making of the world-renowned medical center. Some of...

Jul 7th, 2016

Music w/Gary Froiland

Gary Froiland has enjoyed performing music for 35 years. He plays the 5-string banjo, the guitar, harmonica and the musical saw. Currently a one-man band, Gary records his own background music to sound like a full...